Gourmet Vegetables from Fresh Potato Company

    2013 Organic Gourmet Vegetables Plan:

    Royal Burgundy Bush Bean: stringless, tasty, colorful, ready early August

    Cosse Violetto Pole Snap Bean:  stringless, great for fresh salad, ready mid August      

    Long Purple Eggplant: excellent for slicing and in Italian dishes, ready mid August

    Purple Beauty Sweet Bell Pepper:  delicious and beautiful, add "super healthy" colors to salads, ready mid August

    Cosmic Purple Carrot:  very sweet, smooth, orange inside, ready late July

    Purple Sprouting Broccoli:  tasty purple heads, ready September

    Purple Plum Radish:  purple skin, mild, sweet white flesh, ready late June

    All Blue Potatoes:  incredibly creamy, ready October

    Banana Fingerling Potatoes:  crisp and cool, ready early September

    Wild Asparagus:  what Mother Nature intended us to eat, only available in the most remote areas, ready July

    Read the About Us page to learn why we grow the blues and purples and check the crop progress page during the
    season to see how all the vegetables are progressing.