About Us ~ Fresh Potato Company, Menan, Idaho
                        About Us

Fresh Potato is Idaho's smallest farming and shipping operation dedicated to producing and providing healthy gourmet fruits and vegetables.

Being small allows us to focus and further develop sustainable agriculture practices.  We plan to share the sustainable innovations with you - please visit our Small Farm Solutions page.

Fresh Potato is obviously principally potatoes - the Idaho Russet Potatoes, Fingerling potatoes, and this year the "ALL BLUE" variety potato... BUT Fresh Potato also produces gourmet vegetables.

Everyone knows greens are incredibly good for you.  At Fresh Potato, we also grow the blues and purples.... Blue Potatoes, Purple String Beans, Purple Sweet Peppers, Purple Radishes and Purple Carrots for the gourmet who wants to increase (anthocyanins) in their diets. 

In this age, everyone deserves current information.  All the pictures on the Fresh Potato website are current, this season photos.  

Check the pages on the website for product availability, packaging options, crop progress, and the solutions we developed for our small farming enterprise.

Mike is the guy in charge.  His number is located on the top of the page.
Questions? Give Mike a call.  He will answer, but if he cannot, he will be happy to call you back. 

Thank you for your time.  We hope to hear from you.